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Our Story

Built on the dream of a father and his two sons, Riverside Builders aspires to change the residential construction business from a bland procedural operation into something of substance for our clients, our community, and the environment. Aside from excelling in the management of profitable construction projects, we make it is our responsibility to maintain sustainable construction practices that protect the quality of our environment, resulting in a more enjoyable community for our clients. Our mission here at Riverside Builders is to design, build, and deliver high quality, turn-key homes that are both on-time and cost-effective for our clients, while also providing our employees with opportunities for career growth. Aided by strong core values of community, positive results, honesty, integrity, hard work, strong solutions, open communication, and collaboration, we're working towards our vision of being Northern California's top residential home builder.

We believe that providing the right organizational structure is necessary to unleash the power of our people. Our functional structure allows each of our experienced managers to perform their specialty with autonomy. We pride ourselves on giving each member of our organization a sense of ownership to the company and to the community we service, making Riverside Builders an organic part of the greater Sacramento region. From new construction to remodeling projects, we will employ our superior services to give clients the professional craftsmanship they desire.

With the imminent boom in demand for cost-effective, energy efficient, and sustainable homes in Northern California, Riverside Builders intends to become a forerunner in the industry. With the increased demand for sustainable products, we will be able to reduce the cost to our clients through our many partnerships, establishing us as the preferred builder within our market. Our skill in precise estimation is important to our success. We understand the importance of clear communication and understanding between us and our clients. Maintaining open lines of communication among our employees and customers results in repeat clients, allowing us to see an increase in the annual volume of our projects.

We believe in our business and that is why we are investing all of our resources into it. With this framework in place for Riverside Builders, it is clear that we will become as strong and dependable as the steel in our foundation system.

Our Mission

To design, build, and deliver turn-key, high quality, and cost-effective homes on time for our clients while providing our team with opportunities for career growth.

Our Vision

To be the top residential home builder in Northern California.

Our Core Values

Our employees and customers are of the utmost value to us. In addition, we value…

  • Our community.
  • Strong, positive project solutions and results.
  • Honesty, integrity, and hard work.
  • Open communication and collaboration between our customers and team.
  • The opportunity to live, build, and bless the families we serve.

Leonid Bachinsky
President, Riverside Builders, Inc.